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Welcome! We hope these pages will help you make informed decisions regarding your healthcare choices during the transition known as "the change of life." We invite you to delve into this site, return often to see what's new, or to find assistance and support. Like many women, you may be asking the following questions...

What is happening to me?

You have trouble sleeping, you're miserable with hot flashes, your joints ache, or you have lost interest in sex. These are all normal symptoms of menopause. The menopause experience varies for each woman. Most will go through a natural transition while some may face other challenges. Learn more about the various stages here...

What can I do?

Plenty! But like many of us, you may be confused by all the choices out there. There is no single strategy for success. Whether you choose HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or alternatives, or a combination of both, it is important to understand all the options and consider the possible ways to manage your personal journey through perimenopause, menopause and beyond. Start here...

How do I stay healthy?

As a woman, you have special health concerns. Please examine our thorough presentation covering all aspects of osteoporosis, one of the many health issues that women face. It ranks high in importance along with heart health and breast cancer. Health issues begins here... arrow

Where can I find more information?

Right here! We know you need reliable information to make personal health decisions. In the Resources section you'll find books, pharmacies, personally recommended doctors, and health links that we've compiled for you. We also track some of the important studies and trials that relate to menopause. Start here... arrow

star What do doctors advise?

We're happy to share ongoing articles by two of our favorite medical practitioners. And we invite you to read our Questions and Answers segment. Begin here... arrow

Am I alone?

Absolutely not! Want a laugh? Need a cry? Just curious? You'll want to see what's happened with other women who share their personal stories....


Of note: NIH shuts down estrogen, progestin studies (March 2004)


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