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Premature ovarian failure

I am now finding myself being "performance managed"

I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure a year ago. Having always been a strong, healthy person, the decision to try HRT was really difficult; I don't like taking medication, but had tried natural alternatives. My symptoms were so severe I felt I had no option. My family and my work were suffering.

Having read about this natural progression for women, I struggled with not only the symptoms, which are still debilitating, but people’s attitudes. My doctor had queried auto-immune disorders, degenerative diseases and even a brain tumour before my blood results were conclusive - almost 18 months since I raised my concerns.

I have a stressful job in a globally successful healthcare company. Recently I transferred to a business unit which is less stressful than my troubleshooting post in a previous location. I am now finding myself being "performance managed", despite being up front and describing the debilitating effects of my perimenopause.

I know I can't be alone in this unfair treatment, but I wanted to post this to alert other women, as one thing I do feel (due to strange paranoid feelings and high anxiety related to the menopause), is that I'm the only woman experiencing this!

To leave this posting on a positive note, I bought Dr. Northrup’s book last week. I'd never heard of it before; I have to say its the best book I could have bought and its helping me understand myself in a way I never thought possible.

Amanda G


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Updated  05/15/2010