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Everything is going wrong.

The last migraine lingered for five days.

I have had so many things go wrong with my body since I began entering the menopausal stage of life. First, my family doctor called me back in due to irregular levels of blood sugar & cholesterol. He told me I had Type 2 diabetes and would need to lose weight. So I lost 7 lbs. and went back 3 months later. I was now in the non-diabetic range on my blood levels.

However, everything else went wrong. I began having eyesight problems and migraine headaches right before my period, sometimes during my period. The last one lingered for 5 days. So my doctor prescribed Imitrex. It works.

Now I’m having severe numbness & tingling in my hands and sometimes mildly in my feet. My orthopedic doctor seems to think it is carpal tunnel syndrome. In reading the symptoms, all of these fall under menopause. So I guess all are connected in some strange way.

Anyway, hope this helps someone. It's comforting to hear other women's stories and makes you realize you are not dreaming these symptoms up. Also, I take magnesium daily and noticed the night sweats have subsided.

Cindy D.


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Updated  05/15/2010