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12 years of Natural Progesterone use

Natural progesterone was exactly what I needed and may have saved my marriage.

When I started having PMS in my mid thirties the doctor immediately wanted to put me on the pill. I had taken it shortly before having my four children and remembered how terrible I felt on it. I declined because of the increase in cancer and heart disease in the age brackets for women using it, and said I would think about it. I started reading and ran into Dr. John Lee's book and did some research on the internet. I went to the library and pulled book after book off the shelves on women's health and looked up natural progesterone in each of them. I read nothing bad and hints of something very good. I told my Ob/Gyn I was going to try natural progesterone. He said "You can read anything on the internet" and he didn't know anything about it.

Well, it was exactly what I needed and may have saved my marriage. I went back to the Ob/Gyn and he asked how I was doing. I told him, great! He then said he had been reading some good stuff on natural progesterone. His nurse followed me in and whispered, "What is the name of that stuff"? Last time I went (after the negative heart disease and cancer report for using the pill came out), I told him I was feeling fine and no problems. I think the doctor tried to shame me into thinking I had a fibroid by my ovary. He said he felt one, and after ultrasound tests, determined it wasn't a fibroid. I wasn't worried. I knew it wasn't!

Sometimes, as I am feeling so good, I forget to use my natural progesterone cream, and then realize I still need it. My body responds immediately to it. I no longer have urinary tract infections, cramping, bad periods, crabbiness, PMS, and am quite a happy person.

Thank God for Dr. John's Lee's pioneer attitude. I highly recommend natural progesterone to all ladies and gentleman who may be suffering from hormone imbalance or over zealous medical doctors. I don't have a horror story to tell, as I started natural progesterone at a fairly young age. I have a happy ever after story.

Of course, the cancer question is probably the next one around the bend for me at my age. I feel confident my natural progesterone will help protect me from this. My mother died of breast cancer two years ago. I had tried to get her to start using natural progesterone but she wasn't good about routine and never used it. I will be a good example of the effects of natural progesterone in a non clinical trial!

My biggest push is I agree with Dr. John Lee that our environment is poisoning us, and that it is our fault. I wish some of the monies and influence being directed towards global warming would be enlisted for this purpose.

Cindy L

Editor's notes:

The writer does not name the type of progesterone she uses. Natural progesterone can be prescribed by a medical doctor and formulated at a compounding pharmacy. Progesterone that can be used by the body is more properly called bioidentical.

Over-the-counter products containing lower than 400-500 mg progesterone per ounce will not supply sufficient progesterone if the user is truly deficient.

Dr. John Lee, in "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" writes that non-prescription, over-the-counter natural progesterone products vary greatly in actual progesterone content, and may not contain bioidentical progesterone at all. What many wild yam extract products do contain is diosgenin, which is the laboratory precursor to progesterone and other hormones, but there is no evidence that the human body converts diosgenin to hormones.

It is strongly recommended that salivary hormone tests be done before commencing any hormone supplementation.


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Updated  05/15/2010