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I was diagnosed as being prematurely menopausal at age 37

I had a period for about 6 months; my GYN at that time didn't recognize me as being menopausal

I was diagnosed as being right in the middle of menopause at the age of 37! I've had very erratic periods my whole life but the signs of menopause began 4 years ago at age 35 with a period that wouldn't stop. I had a period for about 6 months; my GYN at that time didn't recognize me as being menopausal. She gave me something to thin my uterus out so that my period would stop. That worked so I didn't think anything more about it until the weight gain and hot flashes began a couple of years later. It seemed to happen overnight. One day I began having hot flashes about every 15 minutes and realized I had gained 10 pounds. Then my period started skipping months and I began feeling strange. I just didn't feel like myself for lack of a better way to describe it.

I finally went to a new gynecologist to discuss my symptoms but I had no idea that I was menopausal. I thought that I was too young for that. My doctor had me take a blood test and found that I was right in the middle of menopause. I started taking Prempro and the hot flashes stopped almost immediately. I stayed on Prempro for a few months but stopped taking it because my breasts hurt and I was spotting all the time.

I just turned 39 and my symptoms have become so pronounced that I am starting back on Prempro. I'm very thankful for this website because I have about 85% of the symptoms listed here. Until I researched menopausal symptoms I was beginning to think that maybe I was dying of some horrible illness. The extreme hot flashes, numbness in my fingers, the ringing in my ears, the dizziness, thoughts of death and general feelings of dread.

As I said, I was diagnosed as being prematurely menopausal at 37 but at that time the vast array of possible symptoms hadn't happened so I didn't make the connection. I'm going to see some more doctors and do some more research; I'll post what I find out.

Take care everyone and hang in there!

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Updated  05/15/2010