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Does it ever end?

Living the roller coaster Hell of perimenopause

I have been living the roller coaster Hell of perimenopause for 12 years now. I have almost all 35 symptoms and probably more that you have not listed. I originally went on the birth control pill and then HRT, but on both I was worse than without. I also tried natural progesterone from a dispensing pharmacist. I never really knew if I was better, worse or the same.

I thought I was finally weaning off the major symptoms, heart palpitations, tingling arms, crawly skin, nausea, rage, despair, anxiety, but my periods are heavier and more irregular than ever and the other symptoms seem to be even worse.

Thank you for sharing these stories with us, it is very encouraging to read the stories from women all over the world and realize that we are not alone.

Ajax, Ontario

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Updated  05/15/2010