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Severe symptoms!

My body has totally changed in less than two weeks!

I can relate to Denise’s story (“Suddenly feeling horrible”). My body has totally changed in less than two weeks and I feel like someone has taken it over. I was at work, on lunch, and out of nowhere I experienced a painful headache, nausea and sickness to my stomach. I work at a hospital, and went to have my blood pressure checked. It was 140/70, which was high for me so I went to my doctor, who told me I might be in menopause.

My symptoms are, severe headaches, nausea, heart palpitations, uneasy feeling, forgetting things I never would forget, back aches, ringing in the ear, spotting. My mom passed in 1995 of Breast Cancer and we never got around to discussing this matter, so I am surfing the web trying to find answers and a little relief. My poor husband has to sleep in the other room at times because I have to have a window open (I live in Chicago :)

I am so happy I found this site. I will go to the doctor for a real checkup, but meanwhile thanks for letting me express myself and finding others who are helping me cope.

Katrina Ward


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Updated  05/15/2010