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Anxiety and Perimenopause

Over the last year I have learned how to overcome my panic attacks and get by with my anxiety, but it is a constant battle every day.

I was searching the web (yet again) looking for some answers to symptoms that have been worrying me. Like many of you I have been experiencing frightening symptoms for years ( I am 39 years old).

It started 3 years ago when I began experiencing burning sensations in the top of my head. It scared me so much that I went to the doctor. I was so frightened I burst into tears when speaking to the doctor.

His first reaction was that I was experiencing some form of depression, even though I told him that I wasn't. His answer was to put me on an antidepressant (Zoloft). I took one that evening and suffered from extreme panic attacks all day the next day. The panic attacks were so bad that a doctor was called out to the house several times, and I was left both physically and mentally exhausted. I decided that I wasn't going to take any more tablets and, after a period of a couple of weeks, went on to lead a relatively normal life. I did, however, experience regular feelings of anxiety that I had to try to overcome myself. A year later I went back to my doctor because I was still experiencing anxiety with feelings of uneasiness, nervous leg syndrome, doom and depression.

After the doctor asked me several questions he went on to prescribe me another form of antidepressant. I told him that I couldn't take them as they had a bad effect, but he told me that this was a different type and assured me that I would be okay. Again I took one that evening and experienced multiple attacks thereafter. Nobody could tell me why I was having these attacks. I suggested hormones, but the doctors said that I was too young. Instead, they recommended that I see a psychologist.

Convinced that I was going mad I went to see one (my insurance covered me for 8 visits), but all he did was ask me questions and to complete surveys. Over the last year I have learned how to overcome my panic attacks and get by with my anxiety, but it is a constant battle every day. I am continually having bouts of hot flashes, feelings of panic and doom, teariness, mood swings, worry, tingling sensations, burning sensations etc. I have been searching for answers all the time and have learned more and more about perimenopause and can guarantee that I have just about every one of those symptoms that are on there. It is a horrible thing to go through and there are days that I think that I can't cope with it. Your site have given me hope that this is just a natural progression that I am going through and that I am not going stark raving mad.

Adelaide, South Australia
March 2006


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Updated  05/15/2010