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39 years old and heading into menopause?

The hot flashes are another story. Why do they make you act so crazy sometimes?

My experience started three years ago when my period came for 2 months straight, then every other day, and then nothing happened for the next two months. Of course the doctor didn't want to admit it. He told me maybe I was pregnant. A pregnancy test came back "weakly positive". I already knew I wasn't pregnant. He sent me for blood tests to determine hormone levels, ultra sounds and many other tests, which gave him no clue or idea what the real problem was.

I had done a great deal of reading so I had an idea of what was happening. Since then I have good days and bad days. My period now starts with a terrible headache which lasts until the first day of my period. I've been told they are hormonal headaches.

The hot flashes are another story. Sometimes when I have a spell I'm very tired and just want to lay down; other times I'm good. I'm just 39 yrs old and was told this is just the start. Well bring them on. Why do they make you act so crazy sometimes? The things women’s’ bodies go through!!!!!!! Oops, I almost forgot the crying.



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Updated  05/15/2010