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How long does this go on?

Surely there is some light at the end of this rather murky and depressing tunnel

Hello to all fellow menopausers! I have been having nearly 99% of the standard symptoms of the monster menopause for quite some time now. The flashes and flushes come and go so rapidly that they seem to always be present, as is my electric portable fan which I lug around with me from room to room in my home… most helpful in cooling me down.

The swelling of my tummy is another matter. One moment my jeans fit fine, then I can feel my waistband tightening as I swell up like a balloon. Then, oh joy, there is the fuzzy forget-what-it-was-I-was-going-to-do-now thing as I stand with my head in the fridge wondering what my shoes are doing stuck on top of the lettuce.

Let me also tell of the tiredness, the all-enveloping fatigue that stops me from working in my garden. I LOVE my garden. I am not that green fingered, and don't really have a lot of horticultural knowledge, but just digging in the soil and watching things that I have planted come to life is so enjoyable.

So, to have this taken from me by a lassitude so all-consuming that it takes me all my time just to get out of the chair… is heartbreakingly depressing, and is also a sign of this wondrous menopause....which brings me to my title ”How long does this go on?”

Each one of us is different, but surely someone out there has researched this a little. I just want some kind of end-in-sight scenario, just so that I can have a bit of hope that this is not going to be IT for the rest of my days.

I have been prescribed estrogen cream for extreme vaginal dryness, and have to attend hospital in the next week because of recurring urinary tract infections. I’m also having to undergo an endoscopy for my stomach. I keep getting acid rising into my gullet and feel full most of the time, even though I haven't eaten much, another symptom, I presume. I have also gained quite a bit of weight over the last couple of years due to not being able to exercise properly, as both my knees have severe osteoarthritis and need replacing. Happy Days!!!

Surely there is some light at the end of this rather murky and depressing tunnel for me? I truly hope so. What makes it bearable is knowing I am most definitely not alone.

Thank you for reading this. Lots of hopeful thoughts to you all,

Marilyn McLaughlin


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Updated  05/15/2010