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I have been to Hell and back.

After years of doing internet research I can say that I am in perimenopause.

I have the same story as Lisa. I have terrible PMS perimenopause symptoms. I too have every symptom under the sun. I have been to hell and back.

After years of doing internet research I can say that I am in perimenopause. My problems started about 4 years ago when one night I thought I was having a stroke because of palpitations. All my blood tests come back normal, and the doctors thought I was depressed and shoved antidepressants at me. I too had severe side effects with panic attacks. After taking one tablet I stopped, as I felt so bad I could have ended my life.

I have since tried taking herbal supplements and symptoms have eased a bit, but it is truly hard to get through this time in life. I have had every imaginable blood test and have been in hospital but the doctors are not very educated when it comes to perimenopause.

These are all my symptoms every 2 weeks in the month or they run through the whole month: anxiety, panic, tearfulness, insomnia, sore breasts, acne, nausea, fatigue, horrible thoughts going through my head, lightheadedness, lethargy, bad appetite, stress, loss of balance, fear, forgetfulness.

When I look at the symptoms on this website I have all of them. I pray that one day I will overcome these. This website has really helped me to understand my symptoms and know that I am not crazy.

Hugs to all


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Updated  05/15/2010