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Menopausal and depressed

I get so tired and exhausted at times its hard for me to keep myself at work.

Thank you for this site. From time to time I come back in and read the 35 symptoms of menopause to remind myself that all is well and I am going to be OK and get through this.

I have been having symptoms for a few years now. It started off with heavy periods and severe migraines.

Now things have escalated in the past few months. I menstruated for more than one month non-stop. My body changed. I got fat around the waist and stomach. My breasts hurt so much I felt like I was breast feeding. I was out of breath and cried non-stop, not to mention I felt so alone and really believed I was going mad.

I went to the doctor and was put on some tablets to stop the bleeding. It stopped for a few days then started again, but thank goodness in the past week it has stopped.

I get so tired and exhausted at times its hard for me to keep myself at work. I have cut back my hours to 4 days per week but most week I can barely make it to Wednesday when my body crashes. I feel like someone is squeezing the life out of me. I meditate, sleep early, eat good food, do yoga and have some good days, but on the bad days I feel like a spell has taken over my body then it goes away.

I am seeing a female therapist once a week for support. Other than that I am trying to get by and keep on coming back to this site to remind myself that I am going to be OK.

Today I went to see my doctor. He told me that I am fine but put me on Zoloft, an antidepressant, for a while. I don’t want to do this because I want to go through this naturally. I don’t handle medication too well.

At times I feel so alone with this. But when I come on this site and read the other stories I feel much better. Thank you so much for providing this support.



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Updated  05/15/2010