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Calcium and Magnesium Changed My Life

I think all women going through perimenopause and menopause who are troubled by hot flashes and night sweats should be aware of this story....Now I can face each day feeling refreshed...

I made a pretty unexpected discovery. Here's the story.

While visiting my brother a couple of months ago, he served seafood for dinner. Since I hadn't had hard shell crabs for a long time, I ate and ate— probably 5 large crabs. Leading up to this dinner, I had been experiencing hot flashes and night sweats for several months. I'm 53 years old and am going through the "change" and had not had a good night's sleep for a long time—until that night after eating the hard shell crabs! I was puzzled as to why I slept so well, so I reviewed what I had eaten that mighthave contributed to this much-needed good fortune. The only thing that was different was the crab.

Now my curiosity was excited. I went onto the Internet to investigate what was found in shellfish that may have helped me get a restful night's sleep. I found shellfish contains selenium and magnesium. Selenium is described as an antioxidant, but magnesium I discovered has been beneficial for a multitude of symptoms and ailments. Based on the experience I had with the crabs, and seeing that magnesium, besides working well with calcium (which I need as well) also may have some benefit for insomnia and aid in the transmission of neurotransmitters in the brain relating to hormonal balance, I decided to give calcium/magnesium a try.

I've been using Nature's Bounty 1000 Calcium/500 Magnesium supplement for about two months. Initially, I tried taking just one tablet about one hour before bed. I saw some improvement in the number of times I wakened during the night due to night sweats. Instead of nine or ten times, I woke only two or three times. This was terrific! Since then, I have started taking one in the morning and one a night. Now the episodes of hot flashes during the day and night sweats during the night have DISAPPEARED!! What a difference these minerals have made in my life.

I think all women going through perimenopause and menopause who are troubled by hot flashes and night sweats should be aware of this story. I have been spreading this news to co-workers and friends who are going through this time in their lives. Many of them are using estrogen to combat the symptoms. I think this natural way is so much better.

Now I can face each day feeling refreshed and not having to look forward to hot flashes all through my busy day.

As of the writing, one of my co-workers began taking the supplement a couple of months ago. I saw her recently and asked how she was doing with the hot flashes and night sweats. She told me they had disappeared!!

Susan <>


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Updated  05/15/2010