Keeping aBreast: Ways to Stop Breast Cancer
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Keeping aBreast: Ways to PREVENT Breast Cancer

formerly "Keeping aBreast: Ways to Stop Breast Cancer"

By Khalid Mahmud, MD


As a hematologist-oncologist who practiced for nearly forty years, I read Keeping aBreast with considerable interest. Although the book is targeted primarily at women, it is a book that health care professionals should find extremely valuable as a source of information. This is especially true for oncologists, primary-care physicians, gynecologists and nurse practitioners.

The book provides many useful tips on how to prevent breast cancer without the use of drugs, relying instead on the role of nutrition, supplements and natural hormones. Using many scientific references, the author clarifies the differences between progesterone and progestin (the former being beneficial to a woman's heart and bone health and preventive against breast cancer, while the latter is detrimental). He does the same for many other hormones that affect the quality of women's lives.

The author's explanation of the complicated hormonal changes that occur as a woman ages are excellent. His recommendations as to how to deal with these changes in a natural way are informative and proactive. The illustrations are masterful, cleverly done and very informative.

This book is an excellent reference for anyone involved in women's health issues.

— James L. McKenna, MD, FACP

About the author:

Dr. Khalid Mahmud is the founder of Innovative Directions in Health, the only Minnesota clinic fully dedicated to anti-aging and preventive medicine. His quest is to generate health, vigor, and vitality by identifying and attacking the degenerative and disruptive processes in people using mostly natural means. He is board-certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Hematologist-Oncologist by training, Khalid Mahmud, MD, has a long background in the practice of internal medicine, hematology and oncology. He is board certified in all of these specialties, an elected Fellow of the American College of Physicians, and the former Chief of Medicine and Medical Director of Oncology at North Memorial Medical Center in Minneapolis. He is a recipient of the “Asian-Pacific Leadership Award in Health” by the Governor of Minnesota.

Dr. Mahmud has authored numerous articles in the field of health, spoken at numerous local and national conferences as well as appeared on local and national television programs. More details about his practice can be found at

NOTE from ProjectAWARE:

"Keeping aBreast: Ways to PREVENT breast cancer" was formerly known as "Keeping aBreast: Ways to Stop Breast Cancer".

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