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Proper Application of Hormone Cream or Gel

by Matt Buschjost, PharmD
February 6, 2011

(brought to you by Bellevue Pharmacy, a ProjectAWARE sponsor)

Apply hormone cream to a clean, dry area of skin and be sure to wash hands thoroughly before and after application. Areas that children or pets would not easily come in contact with should be utilized. The area should be loosely covered after application, until dry to prevent transfer. If the arms are to be used, wearing clothing with sleeves until the area is dry can help minimize exposure.

Signs to look for in exposed children and pets:

Young children may begin to show early signs of puberty such as acne, breast development before age 7 in girls, and deepening of voice in boys. You may notice pets that have previously been spayed or neutered show signs of being in “heat” once again, such as bloody discharge or softening of breast tissue. An enlarged vulva is usually the most common sign and aggressive behavior can be common in those exposed to testosterone. These problems will likely disappear after a short period of time up to a few months without the hormone exposure.

Be sure to tell your pediatrician or veterinarian that you are currently using a topical hormone cream if your children and/or pets show any of these signs.



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