Q & A: Premature Menopause
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Premature Menopause (Perimenopause)

Q: I know I am going through premature menopause. I have almost every single symptom as well as severe anger and sadness in rapidly fluctuating mood swings. My periods are totally abnormal. I can go for months and not have one, and then when I do it is like Niagara Falls. I have hot flashes, severe anxiety, and there are times when I cry all too easily over the smallest things. I become exhausted but cannot sleep at night. I am also diabetic and have hypothyroidism, and these seem to be exacerbating the symptoms. What advice can you give me?

Your problem is, unfortunately, more the rule than the exception. Women are offered precious little help when going through serious problems that require a more appropriate response than "Premarin and Provera" for hormone replacement, and lab work to evaluate thyroid function.

Fortunately, in my experience, your problems are very solvable. A good physician who is knowledgeable about women's hormones, the perimenopause, and thyroid would very likely be able to turn around your current problems.

A prayer that you get what you need to recover.

Don Michael, MD



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Updated 09/29/2010