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Listening to Your Hormones

By Gillian Ford

In a compelling introduction, the author traces her path through a nightmare of treatments that began in youth and continued for many years. Along the path of this introduction, many women will find themselves and their disorders.

From PMS to Menopause, this is every woman's complete guide. This book is all about hormones, various hormones. It asks and answers the questions; Why are they Important? Is it safe to take hormones? Can hormone therapy help you? What happens when hormone replacement doesn't work properly? Which types of hormone replacement are most natural? How do you know what you need? What are the best ways to take hormones?

About the author:

Gillian Ford has helped women with devastating hormonal changes for over 15 years as a practicing research clinician and educator. She is the hormonal educator at the Center for Hormonal Health in Roseville, California.


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