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Article Archives

Adrenal Fatigue by Vicki Wade, PharmD
Adrenal Glands and Cortisol: The Stress Hormone by Karan Baucom, MD, FACOG, FAAAM
Atrophic Vaginitis by Janna Gordon, RPh, MBA
Body Sculpting with Mesotherapy, by Pete Hueseman, RPh, PharmD
Case Against Mammography by Donald Michael, MD, PC
Cortisol and Weight by Tiffany Spudich, PharmD
DHEA or Testosterone for Women? by Pete Hueseman, RPh, PharmD
Estrogen and Memory Loss by Janna Gordon, RPh, MBA
Estrogens and Menopause by Donald Michael, MD
Fad Diets - Fact or Fiction? by Janna Gordon, RPh, MBA
Hormone Application by Matt Buschjost, PharmD
Hormone Testing and You by Leifson Ball, RPh
Hormone Therapy Possibilities for Breast Cancer Survivors and Women at High Risk for Cancer by Pete Hueseman RPh, PharmD
Human Identical Hormones for Hormone Replacement Therapy by Phillip Warner, MD and Paul Hueseman, RPh, PharmD
Insomnia and Your Hormones by Brock Smith, RPh
Iodine and Breast Health by Donald Michael, MD
Male Andropause by Karan Baucom, MD, FACOG, FAAAM
Menopause for Men? (Andropause) by Brock Smith, RPh, BS, PharmD and Paul Hueseman, RPh, PharmD
Natural Progesterone-What Role in Women's Healthcare? by Jane L. Murray, MD
Osteoporosis: Make No Bones About It by Nelly Atallah, PharmD
Oxytocin: Its Role in Sexual Function and Autism by Tiffany Spudich, PharmD, Consultant Pharmacist
Oxytocin - The Love Hormone? by Tiffany Spudich, PharmD
Synthetic Progestins and Natural Progesterone, A Pharmacist Explores the differences by Pete Hueseman, RPh, PharmD
Tamoxifen for Prevention of Breast Cancer: Is It For You? by Paul Hueseman, RPh, PharmD
Testosterone and Its Benefits to Women by Brock Smith, RPh
Testosterone's Impact on Postmenopausal Women and Breast Cancer by Janna Gordon, RPh, MBA
Thyroid Hormones, Symptoms, and Treatment of Hypothyroidism by Alisa Cornille, RPh, PharmD Candidate & Paul Hueseman, RPh, PharmD
Treating High Cholesterol with Human Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy by Paul Hueseman, RPh, PharmD
Youthful Aging with HGH by Janna Gordon, RPh, MBA
Weight Gain in Menopause by Paul Hueseman, PharmD
WHI Study Update by The Pharmacist's Desk, Bellevue Pharmacy










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